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Business Model Perspective for Career Management

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

In sharing an article entitled The Rise of the Micro-Entrepreneurship Economy with my coaching network I found that I was not the only one that saw it as a key perspective shift for everyone who is employed or wishes to be employed to consider themselves as their our own company.  If you operate as if you are a company then career management shifts from going job-to-job filling a role to client-to-client offering services.

Shifting to a business model to manage your career can help you by focusing your job/client search, your job/client acceptance, and realizing that you can (and should) have multiple (income) revenue streams.  In an article called Why ‘Retirees’ Are Still Working, baby boomers who are not ready to leave their jobs but are forced out or who cannot afford to retire are starting their own businesses.  If you create multiple streams of income then that can provide security in fluctuating times and be part of your retirement plan.  If you’re close to retirement the recommendation is that you start your business about three years before you retire.

What business are you in?  If you’re not quite sure here are my suggestions:

  • Make a list.  Combine all jobs and roles into one master list.  Include all the duties you performed in each of the roles.  This can serve as your master list for all future variations of your resume you put together.  If you’re into social networking, LinkedIn is a place you can put together a list of jobs and export that list out as a PDF when you need it.
  • Check it twice.  The first check is for you.  Acknowledge and celebrate what you have put together.  The second check is to go back and identify themes of service and skills.  A friend of mine who was looking for work and repeatedly landed interviews told me the key to her resume success were listing keywords at the top that emphasized her skills and offerings.  Are you putting together a string of jobs involving organization?  Communication?  Technical capabilities?  These are the services you provide or the skills you offer.

From here you can identify the business you are in, decide what business you want to be in, and then devise a plan and begin managing your career like a business, knowing that you’re owner and CEO of You, Inc.

How might or has managing your career like a business changed your approach?


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