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Bringing Nature In

from Co.Exist

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux 

If you cannot get outside to recharge during your workday try finding a way to bring nature in.  One company is doing that with video in windowless cubicles.  The idea is to fool your eye, lift your mood, help regulate your body clock, as well as provide “the same kind of physiological response as is triggered by ‘real’ nature.”

However you are able to bring nature into your work environment I still encourage you to get out into the real thing when you can because the idea with ecopsychology is about nurturing your relationship with the nature because the health of one feeds the other.

How is nature incorporated where you work?  Does the illusion of nature make you want to experience the real thing?


Sky Factory Brings Nature into the Drabbest Windowless Cubicles


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