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Blocked Paths

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

Have you ever noticed, either while walking in the city or trekking through the woods, that there are times when you look ahead and there appears to be no way forward?  Seriously, you look up and you appear to be walking toward a dead end.

Recently my husband and I were hiking through a rainforest and we appeared to be headed right for a downed tree.  It was only when we got to the tree that it became obvious that we could walk around to get to the other side.  What do you do in those moments?  Are you the type to even look up and notice the path is blocked or do you keep your head down until you get there?  If you notice your path appears blocked do you change your course?  Keep going?  Quit and turnaround?

I keep going, or I should say that I’ve learned to keep going.  I usually find that when I get to what appeared to be a dead end, the path more often than not has veered in a direction that was not obvious some distance back.  What this tells me is that we cannot give up before we know for sure that there is no way and what appears before you is not always how it is.

Consider what you do when your path seems blocked.  How does this relate to the obstacles you face in the rest of your life?

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