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Alternative Job Lead Sources

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux 

Photo from dole777 on Unsplash

When it comes to networking, especially for job leads, there are three places you might want to look. 

One would be LinkedIn in terms of the groups, not just the people in your immediate network. Look in the groups to see if there is a section for jobs, or if people are just sharing job leads at their company. You can also look at the referral links in those different groups that you might be a part of, especially those that are industry-specific, not just the ones that are clearly labeled jobs.

Facebook is another one because communities get together around topics like data science, data analytics, or design. There are separate job groups as well, like recruitment ones. It is important that you could branch out and see what other opportunities might show up. The reason why you may not necessarily see the same jobs on LinkedIn as the job board, or Indeed, is because there are fees associated with that for organizations. So some ways are just sharing it across the network. 

Now, another opportunity is actually to search Twitter. You can search for those who are hiring teams that are looking for people and spreading the word. And you can also look at alumni groups. If you have been part of a professional organization, or you graduated from a tech bootcamp or university, go back to those alumni groups and see what they are offering by way of job boards or partnerships.

My favorite place to look would be in the job channels of a Slack community for conferences or events or professional organizations because that is where a lot of people will be looking for help like freelance, but also offering insights into when their teams are hiring.
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