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A New (Relationship) Home


By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

There is an article in the August 2012 issue of Essence called A New Spiritual Home that I found had interesting insights.  The article was about Keli Goff’s search for a new church but it starts off with the recognition that there was a vivid “moment [she] knew [she] wouldn’t be going back” to her current church home (p. 1116).  When it’s time for change do you make a conscious decision or do you notice it as a moment when you know it is time?

I believe that change begins with the awareness in a moment.  That is why as a coach with Sacred Time I focus on deepening awareness so that when you are called to action, it is about bringing that new awareness to life.

In her journey to find a new church Goff noted that finding a new church is much like finding a new job or a new romantic partner only this time we’re dealing with our relationship with God.  We mature.  If we’re not being nurtured and growing where we’re at it may be time to find where we need to be replanted.

Goff noted that this journey was born out of her own maturity where she was looking for a (church) relationship that fit her life and not just her location.  Have you noticed similar changes in the way you commit to decisions as you’ve gotten older?

For Goff, knowing what she did want in a church relationship was just as important in knowing what she did want because it helped to narrow her focus and make quick decisions as to whether she was in the right place or needed to keep looking.

Each relationship…as well as the transition in-between…is a journey.  If we treat it as a marathon and not a sprint we just might find that the process builds confidence in our own compass “and the sense that it will always lead me in the right direction” (p. 117).


A New Spiritual Home by Keli Goff

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