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A Horse of a Year

File:Horse.svg“It’s the Year of the Horse didn’t you feel it?”

It was a plodding along, a tearing…definitely not a smooth path for anyone. “Oh, yes I felt it,” I nodded to the woman I have serendipitously met on three occasions in three years.

For me this felt like a hard year with a heavy load to pull and a lot of work to do, but that’s what I do. I’ve already identified myself as a Work Horse, as you may recall.

According to Chinese Mythology the Horse Jade Emperor called a meeting. The first 12 animals to arrive to the meeting were awarded the corresponding position in the zodiac. Everyone trekked across a river to participate in the Great Race. Just as Horse was coming up on 6th place, Snake – hidden in the hoof – appeared giving Horse a fright and taking 6th place.

Can you identify with Horse in the year you’ve been having? Has there been a time so far this year when you were poised to take your prize only to be suddenly surprised and taken aback? How did you handle it and how have you grown as a result of situation?

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