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Your Voice Fuels Your Vision

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My mom passed along a devotional about leadership and vision this week.  The idea from the message is that your leadership is emboldened by your vision which comes from your:

  • Inner voice which speaks to your life’s mission.  This is why I’ve touted crafting your own mission and vision statement.  If it comes from you, you’re more likely to not only accomplish your goals, but sustain them.
  • Unhappy voice which not only tells you when it’s time to change, it tells you when things are not working and you need to try something else.  If you consider any kind of product innovation, have you noticed how it usually fills a need?  Chances are someone was frustrated and built a better product.
  • Successful voice is the guidance you get from mentors or advisors who can help you to sharpen your focus, hone your craft, and work as part of a community.
  • Higher voice so that you’re looking beyond yourself or even your lifetime.  Raghava KK and his wife created a 200-year plan as a way to expand their perspective.  You can also go outside to get in touch with your higher voice.  Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary found that sacred places and natural beauty can trigger moments of transformation.

While I do encourage you to periodically step back and clarify your vision, it might not be a bad thing to take a moment and consider what voices are speaking into your life…to make sure that if you are following the ideas of others, that you do also acknowledge if not include your own voice.

Think about the vision you’ve followed this week.  Which voice were you taking cues from?


Beauregard, M., & O’Leary, D. (2007). The spiritual brain: A neuroscientist’s case for the existence of the soul. New York, NY: Harper One.

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