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Your Interview Has Begun

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

“I’d like that job…”

If you’re looking across your workplace saying the same thing, I’d like to point out that once you’ve made that decision – even before – the interview for your next job has begun.

If You’re Staying

If you’re looking for a new job within the same company, how you work at your current job matters because your boss can observe you with this new job in mind, as can your co-workers.  Does your current work performance and attitude betray your trust or demonstrate your value?  If you’ve been betrayed, now’s the time to do a little reputation rehab by demonstrating the work habits you want to be known for.   Not sure how? Message me and let’s talk.

If you’ve demonstrated your value, continue to do well as your pursue your next job.  In addition to evaluating yourself, evaluate the new job.  Ask questions about the position, what it’s like to work in that role, and even offer to be trained and fill in as needed.

If You’re Leaving

If you’re looking to leave your current company, then your work performance and attitude can give you both an opportunity to brag in your job interviews and can open the door to getting recommendations from your current boss and peers.   Your homework, in this case, is to revamp your resume to include your new skills and outline the impact you’ve had.

What you do matters.  This includes how you perform and how you behave.  Even if you’re not happy in your current role, or you are simply ready to move on, this can be a key time to check in with yourself to ensure that you are representing your interests well and to better prepare for what happens next.


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