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While the lives you lead speaks volumes, we also appreciate those of you who have taken the time to let us know what the Sacred Time coaching experience has been like for you:

Sacred Time: Bringing New Awareness to Life

51 Responses to What Our Clients Are Saying

  1. admin says:

    I think you are very natural at coaching and you have really instinctual responses. You know what to ask to make an impact. You go places that another coach may not – it’s the pioneer effect.

    ~ Stephanie Y., Interior Stylist, Seattle WA

  2. admin says:

    It was easy, natural and relaxed. My anxiety, worry, and control issues were addressed almost seamlessly. Tips and advice were a natural outgrowth of the conversation, so much so that I didn’t even realize coaching was going on. I received a lot of food for thought. Now I just have to be willing to do the work. As my coach told me “it’s only my life we’re talking about.”
    ~ D. D., Retired Director, Box Elder SD

  3. admin says:

    The seven stages from Treasure to Dance were and will continue to be useful to me to determine at what stage I am in the pursuit of…I enjoyed and prefer the initial as a one-on-one. It would be fun to have other sessions with others.
    ~ JoAnn M., Administrator, Bellingham, WA

  4. admin says:

    You are a great listener and gives informative feedback. I liked how you had a general outline for the meeting, but allowed it to go wherever it naturally evolved. Definitely go-with-the-flow; not rigid.
    ~ Kate V., Artist, Bellingham, WA

  5. admin says:

    You bring it to concrete steps. You work with what matters, are playful, magnetic, and willing to try all kinds of stuff. I trust your thinking. You hold my path and direction and that’s helpful.
    ~ Betsy H., Organizational Psychologist, Bellingham, WA

  6. admin says:

    You’re a cheat sheet for my life! [This was effective in] helping me see the whole picture and find my place in it…I feel so grateful to have gotten to work with you! You are an inspiration and a remarkable woman!
    ~ Kaia G., Student, Bellingham WA

  7. admin says:

    I’m so glad I had that [Wounded Heart] group…If I hadn’t been talking to you I think I’d be stuck. I’m not stuck in that grief stuff.
    ~ Gracie W., Business Owner, Seattle WA

  8. admin says:

    It was great to feel Tiffany’s support through pertinent questioning and focus. Very organized in her thoughts and way of sharing input.
    ~ Claudia B., Homesteader, Sedro Woolley WA

  9. admin says:

    Tiffany is astute about pulling the meat out of your work and reflecting it back to you.
    ~ Alicia W., Small Business Owner & Accountant, Bellingham, WA

  10. admin says:

    [Tiffany is particularly effective in] focusing my goals, becoming clear on my strengths and celebrating my successes. It feels great!
    ~ Janaki K., Permaculture Enthusiast, Bellingham, WA

  11. admin says:

    You were fantastic as a coach! I am so glad I was able to get your help in focusing my dreams and plans. I look forward to next time.
    ~ Janaki K., Permaculture Enthusiast, Bellingham WA

  12. tadedeaux says:

    Grounding and helpful…It’s not an ending point at all, it’s a launching point!
    ~ Rebecca M., Student & Professional, Seattle WA

  13. tadedeaux says:

    [The Pioneer a Career Seminar] helped me to see factors in my life in a new way and organized my thoughts, and ideas about what was going to happen in the future. Definitely worthwhile! Helped me immensely!
    ~ Julianne A., Small Business Owner, Blaine WA

  14. tadedeaux says:

    Tiffany is the “diamond” of a career coach so it is fitting to rate and recommend her using the 4 C’s of Diamonds – carat (character), cut, color and clarity.

    Carat (character) – They say that “character” is who you are when no one is looking, but I believe it is also how genuine you are in your interactions. Tiffany is compassionate, understanding, insightful, caring, motivating,….EVERYTHING a career coach should be.

    Cut – Coaching is NOT a cookie-cutter process and Tiffany understands that. She will cut the perfect coaching plan to meet your needs and has awesome flexibility to accommodate changes.

    Color – Tiffany’s ability to verbally paint colorful scenarios based on information you share, is phenomenal. What YOU might miss because you are moving through life too fast, Tiffany will bring to your attention.

    Clarity – With each coaching session, the blur of your situation becomes clearer.

    Tiffany is the bridge that helped me make peace with my past and move forward to my future. Losing your job after 10 years and finding yourself lost in the middle of nowhere is a very scary place to be. Through the coaching process, Tiffany helped me sort out and deal with each of the things that were suffocating me – feeling like I wasn’t good enough, wondering how I would market myself to future employers, worrying about the financial stresses of losing my income and figuring out where I should go from here. Her flexibility to adjust to my perfect pace, her compassion to my situation, her ability to see what I did not see and her gentleness in giving advice helped me to realize my greatest strengths and become more self-aware. If you are looking for a career coach, you have found the PERFECT coach in Tiffany.

    Clarity – With each coaching session, the blur of your situation becomes clearer.

    Tiffany is the bridge that helped me make peace with my past and move forward to my future. Losing your job after 10 years and finding yourself lost in the middle of nowhere is a very scary place to be. Through the coaching process, Tiffany helped me sort out and deal with each of the things that were suffocating me – feeling like I wasn’t good enough, wondering how I would market myself to future employers, worrying about the financial stresses of losing my income and figuring out where I should go from here. Her flexibility to adjust to my perfect pace, her compassion to my situation, her ability to see what I did not see and her gentleness in giving advice helped me to realize my greatest strengths and become more self-aware. If you are looking for a career coach, you have found the PERFECT coach in Tiffany.

    ~ Alma D., Director of Customer Service, Aurora CO

  15. Sacred Time says:

    “Tiffany has been an amazing coach to work with over these past several months. I was at an unemployed low point in my life when we first met, and am now on track of achieving career goals I never thought were possible! She saw potential in me before I was able to see it in myself. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for their career path, wondering how to achieve professional goals or even wanting to change industries. She listens well and is very constructive with her feedback. Thanks again Tiffany for all your help!!”

    ~Yvonne A., Marketing Specialist, Bellingham, WA

  16. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is a caring and insightful coach. She has a good follow-up, She knows my sticking points and helps me work through them. I appreciate her time and help.

    ~ Terence H., Business Owner, Los Angeles, CA

  17. Sacred Time says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Thank you so much for helping me to revising my resume and cover letter.
    You did a great job.
    It really means a lot to me.

    ~ Frank S., Web Developer, San Jose, CA

  18. Sacred Time says:

    Hey just wanted to say thank you and let you know I think you’ve been awesome and really helpful.

    ~ Steve D., Web Developer, San Jose, CA

  19. Sacred Time says:

    i can’t thank you enough for helping me get unstuck in a couple of areas. I appreciate your help how it comes.

    ~ Ty T., Web Developer, San Jose, CA

  20. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is an amazing Career Counselor and Advisor. She immediately jumped in at Coding Dojo and hit the ground running, adding tremendous value in many ways, from the development of curriculum, workshop presentations to working with students on a one on one basis. She also supported recruiting and training on the career team and proved to have strong project management and leadership skills. Her willingness to assist in many areas and the ability to work in a very ambiguous environment came in handy when projects and needs changed. She’s not only an inspiration to the students, but also to those who work side by side with her. I’ve really enjoyed having Tiffany on the team and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again I would highly recommend her to clients or individuals looking for career counseling or organizations interested in building robust career programs.

    ~ Angela S., Tech Recruiting Leader, Seattle, WA

  21. Sacred Time says:

    From managing the career services department events to supporting various other teams to complete important projects, Tiffany is a diligent team member who can always be counted on!

    ~ Anonymous

  22. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany proved to be a great resource after I graduated from Coding Dojo. She was over the Career Development training and going through her curriculum helped me to present the best version of myself on paper and online. She was readily available when I needed assistance with my resume and cover letter. There were also times she was just there as a coach, with inspiring words to help me see the bigger picture. Her understanding of job search tactics is extraordinary. I’d work with Tiffany again in any capacity.

    ~Porsha R., Web Developer, Seattle, WA

  23. Sacred Time says:

    Officially Tiffany is the Coding Dojo Career Advisor, however it should probably be ‘Drill Sergeant’. She was always the first person I turned to when I needed a swift kick in the butt. She kept me on task and reminded me of the importance of the little things. She’s been an essential piece of the puzzle for me personally in helping me go from student to professional. Tiffany was invested in my job placement more than most and without her I’d probably be begging for my old non-tech job back instead of writing code.

    ~ Colin M., Associate Software Engineer, Seattle, WA

  24. Sacred Time says:

    Thanks Tiffany! …I just wanted to quickly say thank you for including the chapter on Impostor Syndrome…The fear was real and it made me question myself at every milestone over the last 3 months. Going through that chapter helped take a lot of weight off of my shoulders and I feel more confident moving forward, so thank you!

    ~ Donovan T., Web Developer, Seattle, WA

  25. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany can bring a strong sense of clarity into a difficult situation. I was lucky to have Tiffany as my Career Advisor, at the Coding Dojo, where she helped me through the process of finding a job while under pressure to have one by the end of the month. When I first met with her, she was able to thoughtfully and carefully go through my resume to really show me what I was and was not saying to potential employers. Whenever I was faced with difficult choices, whether I was unsure about something on my resume or even to take a job offer or not, Tiffany was always there with a helpful answer. Some helpful things she would do were to have me read aloud parts of my resume or emails, she would create charts to help me visualize different opportunities and their benefits, she would even send me helpful links and articles if she found one she thought would spark something in my mind. Tiffany let me phone her whenever I had an issue and she was always there to answer with some helpful advice. One of the best parts about her, is that I could tell she not only cares about the work she does, but she also cares a lot about the people she helps. If something exciting were to happen to me, She would share in the excitement and point out the accomplishment. Sometimes you need that joyful recognition and Tiffany will definitely be there to give it to you. She gave me advice from the minute I met her and until the last minute when I had to give a salary answer to my future employer. I would highly recommend Tiffany for a Career Advisor.

    ~Jaypatrick M., Web Developer, Seattle, WA

  26. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany has been my career coach for several months. An exceptional listener who asks engaging questions, she has helped me devise networking strategies based on my personality type. Tiffany even made the arduous process of updating my resume an enjoyable and rewarding process. I value her out-of-the-box thinking, dedication, and insight. I wholeheartedly recommend Tiffany as an incredible resource for driven people who want to craft a new life!

    ~ Kavonne W., Storyteller, Seattle, WA

  27. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is an exceptional person and professional. My experience in working with her at Coding Dojo was phenomenal. Tiffany took part in hiring and training me, and always made sure I was well supported as I adjusted to my new role. She cares deeply for her students and genuinely wants for everyone to reach their goals and achieve things unimaginable. Her work-ethic is unparalleled, and the warmth she brings to the workplace made for an outstanding work environment.

    ~ Alyssa L., Career Advisor, San Jose, CA

  28. Sacred Time says:

    My experience with Tiffany as my Career Advisor at Coding Dojo has been nothing short of amazing. She was always readily available whenever I needed assistance and did so with the highest regard, caring, and respect for me or any of her students. Tiffany helped me communicate my personal brand and assisted me in writing a strong resume while having a sincere interest in my ultimate goal. She has been an integral part throughout my journey and is still someone I turn to when I reach certain milestones post-Coding Dojo.

    If you’re rethinking your career direction or seeking to develop a new path in your life, then she’s the go-to person. She’s in inspiration to me and many others. I cannot think of anyone I would recommend more highly as a Career Coach than Tiffany.

    ~ Jose C., Full Stack Web Developer, Fort Myers, FL

  29. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany provided honest and direct feedback that really helped to close some of those lose ends regarding my interview skills. One interview after working with you and I got an offer. That’s pretty cool!

    ~ Rick C., IT Sales and Marketing Professional, Seattle, WA

  30. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is a passionate advisor. Not only she cares about her students, but also she takes actions.

    There had been a time when I was struggling to decide where to put my foot on the door. Looking at Tiffany’s background and hearing about how she cares about her students made me reach out to her. Ever since that, my life had changed. She encouraged me to take that first step and she became my mentor.

    She is amazing at her job. She taught me how to get closer to my career goal and get paid at the same time. Once in awhile I would ask her a question about career path and she always gave me answers that I would not regret to follow. I trust her on anything she says about my career.

    ~ Matthew Y., Student, Tacoma, WA

  31. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is a passionate advisor who has given me sage advice every time I have sought new opportunities. She has been there to guide me and help me get my foot in the door of the tech industry and continues to be an amazing asset to me. Her deep knowledge and expertise in areas such as negotiating, measuring ones value, and understanding benefits is invaluable and second to none. Would highly recommend developers of all levels to heed guidance through her.

    ~ Frederick C., Software Developer, Seattle, WA

  32. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany went above and beyond for me in her help with my cv and cover letter. She is patient, thorough, flexible, creative, detail-oriented, and a genuine person. You can trust Tiffany to help you develop and create your vision.

    ~ Priya M., Optometrist, Redmond, WA

  33. Sacred Time says:

    I hired Tiffany to provided resume and cover letter writing services to upgrade my tired old resume. She not only provided me with a professional resume and cover letter but offered a fresh look at my “elevator pitch”, LinkedIn profile and approach to how I promote myself to potential employers. Her prompt response and calm demeanor helped to keep me focused during what can be a very stressful time.

    ~ Jolie C., Architectural Design Rep, Seattle, WA

  34. Sacred Time says:

    As a counselor with 20 years of experience working with students on career exploration and college preparation, I find it a bit ironic that I found myself working with Tiffany on my own career change and job search. All I can say is WOW!! I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and she was there for me during that transition. Tiffany has a way to open you up to clarity in your own personal direction as she listens and guides. Her knowledge and experience translates that clarity to a concrete course of action to reach those goals. It is simply tremendous. For me, personally, the things I needed to do to find work and be successful in education and the counseling field were totally different than working in web design. Her knowledge about career searches for web developers and the practical steps I needed to take to get a job were invaluable to me. She not only educated me, but she helped me hone my resume, broaden my skill set, and gave me practical tips on networking. With her help, I found my current position three weeks after graduating. I have known and worked with many counselors, and I can honestly say you cannot find a better career counselor than Tiffany. I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed with the results.

    ~ Steve D., Web Developer, Silicon Valley

  35. Sacred Time says:

    I can say with confidence she is the best career coach I have ever met. I met her in a software bootcamp Coding Dojo as a student. As an experienced engineer, I was refreshing my development skill and career coaching is one of most important thing to me at that time. She talked with me and gave me very helpful and customized advice for me. She is strong work ethic and positive. I was really impressed she helped me even after she moved to other company. It is not easy one.

    ~ Shawn L., Senior Software Engineer, Seattle, WA

  36. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany asks thoughtful questions and gives good feedback. She is positive and has given me good things to think about. It’s clear she enjoys what she is doing and has a knack for helping others.

    ~ Colette W., SBA Loan Processor, Seattle, WA

  37. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is truly a great listener. She strategically steers our conversations so that I stay on the right track. Thank you, Tiffany. Anyone who is eager to improve resume writing, career goal setting, interview skills and more, just call Tiffany. I am sure you’ll be warmly welcomed.

    ~ Emiko H., Engineering Lead, Seattle, WA

  38. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is first an extraordinary person and a true professional. While at Coding Dojo she always went the extra mile and always had a smile on her face. Tiffany has a passion for what she does and puts her heart in her work each day and that shows in the results she achieves. She is an A player you want on your team.

    ~ Ben J., Director of Admissions, Bellevue, WA

  39. Sacred Time says:

    I’ve truly never witnessed someone get hired at a company and make as big an immediate impact as Tiffany did when she started at Metis. She hit the ground running, taking on the job with gusto, creativity, professionalism, and a true team player mentality that helped everyone around her, whether at her location in Seattle or in any other Metis location.

    I was in NYC at the time and worked closely with Tiffany on a variety of marketing projects. She joined Metis at a time when we were launching courses in a new location and needed more traction. Though she was hired as Career Advisor for the incoming students, she took on a variety of marketing tasks leading up to the launch without complaint (quite the opposite, actually) even though these tasks were not within her job description.

    She attended conferences, spoke on panels, went to events, wrote blog posts, wrote social copy, made connections, and made valuable suggestions/observations large and small that were super helpful to our overall marketing strategy. We needed her help spreading the word about Metis on-location and drumming up interest in the program, and she certainly delivered (and continues to do so).

    Now that the Seattle data science bootcamp is up and running, she’s still doing all that + her actual advising role, coaching students as they go through the bootcamp and guiding them toward careers that fit them just right. Tiffany is a true pro. It was a joy working with her, and I can’t thank her enough for the help she provided to our marketing efforts. Any student she advises is lucky to have such a dedicated person on their side. They won’t be able to find a harder worker, that’s for sure, and they can be certain she’ll help them get to where they want to be.

    ~ Emily W., Marketing Manager / Senior Editor, New York, NY

  40. Sacred Time says:

    I met Tiffany when she spoke at a New Tech Job Fair in Seattle. She gave easily one of the most engaging and dynamic talks of the event, about the value of learning data science, and about Metis, the data-science boot camp organization she works for.

    I offered to give some talks at Metis. As I write this, I’ve given one so far, and I’m planning to give another in August. Tiffany has been great to work with in arranging my talks. She’s professional, helpful, and friendly, keeping in contact with me and making sure I had what I needed and knew what to expect.

    Tiffany is good at asking the students simple-seeming questions that go to the heart of issues that they need to think about. She’s skillful at prompting the students integrate the concepts from my talk into the projects they’re working on.

    ~ Louise P., Project Manager & Technical Consultant, Greater Seattle Area

  41. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is a pro, through and through. Remarkable work ethic and ability to create mutually beneficial partnerships that appear effortless and simply work. Job descriptions mean little, as she puts in the extra time to help cross-departmentally with no expectation of reciprocity. A true team player.

    ~ Scott C., Managing Director, Greater New York Area

  42. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany did a great job for me! She helped me get my resume into shape by asking questions to help narrow down what should be on my resume and what should not. She did a mock interview scenario and helped me get over the fear of the possibility of an interview. When I did go into interviews, phone or in-person, I was a lot more relaxed and confident than I was prior to working with her.
    I definitely recommend Tiffany!!!

    ~ Ahlyshawndra M., Data Analyst, Greater Seattle Area

  43. Sacred Time says:

    I had the privilege to work with Tiffany when she was the Career Advisor for the Metis Data Science Bootcamp students. In her role, she provided students with guidance, workshops, and advice while they were navigating their job search, including resume preparation, LinkedIn profile updates, salary negotiation, mock interviews, and others. Our students greatly benefited from her expertise.

    ~ Roberto R., Data Science Instructor, Seattle, WA

  44. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is an absolute go-getter. She and I started at the same time at Metis and were immediately tasked with helping to launch the Seattle campus.

    Tiffany was hired to coach students and alumni on career search best practices, and she delivered that and then some (to deliver on the aforementioned campus launch goal). She quickly made her mark by setting up exciting events to build both relationships and market awareness, she attended events and conferences and spread the word about Metis, built-up our employer partnerships, and even helped recruit students. Once we successfully launched in Seattle, Tiffany set to work helping Seattle students prepare for the job search and helping them to find work when they graduated.

    I’d recommend Tiffany for any team looking for someone who will go above and beyond.

    ~ Josh S., Admissions Manager, San Francisco, CA

  45. Sacred Time says:

    It’s tough to get a technical job with technical skills alone. Students need to build an understanding of the hiring process. They need to know how to network, and how to write a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile. Even the most technical presentations benefit from guidance in public speaking and slide design.

    In my time working with her at Metis, I saw Tiffany work diligently to guide students in all of these ways. She clearly knows what works and what doesn’t. And she communicates this effectively to students, always treating each as an individual with distinct strengths to emphasize and challenges to overcome.

    I am especially impressed with her skill in building strong personal and working relationships, without ever sacrificing professionalism. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with her.

    ~ Chad S., Data Science Instructor, Seattle, WA

  46. Sacred Time says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Tiffany for three months while I was teaching a data science bootcamp in Seattle. Her role as the local career advisor was to advise and help our students find jobs after graduation. She held weekly workshops to teach students everything from how to make a stellar resume to how to network. She did a great job on these workshops, making sure they were interactive, engaging and useful for students.

    She also had an open door policy and constantly met with students to learn about what they were looking for in a job and career. She is a talented coach, asks great questions and is truly passionate about helping people. In addition, Tiffany is a fantastic networker, and was able to connect with a variety of data science speakers from the Seattle area to come in and meet with our students.

    Overall, Tiffany is incredibly hardworking and will always go above and beyond to help out a student or coworker. I am very glad I had the chance to work with her!

    ~ Alice Z., Data Science Instructor & Entrepreneur, Chicago, IL

  47. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany was a great member of our Careers team. She was always willing to go the extra mile and take on additional responsibilities while pushing the team to try new approaches and stay fresh. During her time with Metis, she helped me immensely with Career Advising responsibilities, impressively maintaining relations with students who she didn’t have the ability to get to know on a day to day basis while they were a part of our program. In addition to all this, she also has a tremendously positive attitude. She would be a valued member of any team.

    ~ Andrew S., Senior Data Science Career Advisor, San Francisco, CA

  48. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is the only career coach I have ever worked with in my quest to becoming a developer. The knowledge she has given me has been useful throughout the passing years that has allowed me to land job after job. She is very knowledgeable and personable very easy to talk to, it was like talking to a friend. I still run into her here and there and never fail to show my appreciation for what she has done for me and my career. Anyone would be lucky to have crossed paths with Tiffany.

    ~ Brian L, Software Engineer, Bellevue, WA

  49. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany was a career coach at Metis while I was a student at the 12-week data science bootcamp. Her strong desire to help others and weekly career digest emails had a tremendous influence on my career transition to data science. I have since been working as a data scientist in the energy and urban mobility sector, two domains I have a strong passion for. I am extremely thankful for the exceptional attention and support Tiffany has given me in helping me achieve my career goals.

    ~ Kevin Z., Data Scientist, Chicago, Il.

  50. Sacred Time says:

    Tiffany is a stellar writer and editor and all-around exemplary professional. She has expertise in many styles of writing, has great editorial instincts, and delivers fast, quality work. Always dependable, Tiffany is no stranger to having multiple projects on her plate while always meeting deadlines during ever-changing priorities. In short: she’s a rock star writer who can cover a vast array of industries and fields, including the tech industry.

    She was a pleasure to work with (extremely funny!) and a great co-worker to rely on. I can highly recommend her for any of your writing, editing, or administrative needs.

    ~ Robert C., Resume Quality Control, Bellingham, WA

  51. Sacred Time says:

    Whoever said you can’t have fast and good at the same time never met Tiffany. In the words of more than a few of her clients, Tiffany is at times “a miracle worker.” From the moment she joined my team with Talent Inc., she impressed me with her ability to manage numerous clients–often with dramatically different timelines, needs, and expectations–with efficiency and attention to detail.

    Tiffany delivers more than speed and quality: She also brings a holistic perspective to her work. She’s decisive, analytical, and data-driven in her assessment of each customer’s needs, yet she never loses sight of the person behind it all. Her clients find success–in large part–because she cares enough to understand what each one needs from her.

    If you have the opportunity to work with Tiffany, do so. You’ll be glad you did.

    ~ Caleb S., Senior Director, Service Delivery & Standards, Bellingham, WA

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