All good stories hinge on turning points, dramatic moments when the clouds part and the truth is revealed.  ~ Herminia Ibarra

ST Transitions Title

Are you ready to become the Swan you were called to be?  Transitions is a post-experience coaching program for Seekers, Graduates, and Professionals.  This means you have completed a program or event with one of our Partners and you are a…


  • You had a resonant, spiritual, or empowering experience in nature
  • You are looking to create a sustainable practice involving the outdoors
  • You would like support in processing your experience
  • You are inspired to make changes to who you are or the life you want to live
  • You need to continue transitioning into a new role in your family, group, or community


  • You have lofty goals and need structure and support to achieve them
  • You still aren’t sure how to apply your degree or credential to the workplace
  • You are looking for support in applying your new skills to the needs of the community
  • You are looking for coaching support as you transition from student to professional
  • You are adjusting to changing expectations, requirements, and rules

Sacred Time - Navigating Career Change


  • You are changing careers or industries
  • You are transitioning into a different role in your company or profession
  • You are adjusting to your new role in your family, organization, or community

To assist you during this time you will be given free content to meditate on at the beginning of each season, along with one free hour-long coaching session per season for up to a year (a total of four sessions).

If you heard the call of change and are willing to answer it, Transitions is a program about supporting you as you cross that threshold. You can register for this program here.

Thank you for choosing Sacred Time to join you on this journey.

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