Resume Writing

Resume Writing is a package of services designed to position you for success in your job search. While I specialize in documents for the tech industry, namely software and information technology, I have a broad range of experience that empowers me to transcend industries to be a value to you on this journey.

Writing career documents, to me, is not just about putting keywords on a page, it is about capturing the essence of the value you bring to a business or organization. Committed to helping you craft the career of your dreams, I am looking to brand your documents so that they feel authentic to you.

As the resume is designed to help get you interviews, this offering includes:

  • One ATS-friendly document that aligns your career history with your job search target.
  • Insights into the strategy behind the layout, including how to tailor this for each job application.
  • Options to include a Cover Letter, LinkedIn, or both.

I have found that the entire journey of putting together a new resume or updating a previous document is a great way to prepare for interviews. You pick a package that includes calls with me or add additional  coaching sessions as Interview Prep  which can include:

  • Talking through the strategy behind answering job interview questions to align your message with what employers need.
  • A Mock Interview where you are able to test your messaging and receive constructive feedback so that you can approach the interview with confidence.

Are You Ready?

This package is for you if:

  • You would like insights on how to improve your resume so that you can update it on your own.
  • I can share insights into how to improve your resume and also take care of the updates for you.

If you are looking for a full rewrite of your documents, this package includes:

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – friendly Resume/CV
  • Cover Letter and/or content for your LinkedIn profile
  • Two rounds of revisions if needed

If you would like to discuss your documents and share your vision for your career, we can also use our time to refine your messaging in preparation for job interviews. This package includes:

  • An ATS-friendly Resume/CV
  • Cover Letter and/or LinkedIn profile content
  • Two rounds of revisions if needed
  • Two 30-minute phone calls

If you have any questions, please ask. If not, let’s get to work!

Thank you for choosing Sacred Time to give your vision a voice.

Certified Professional Resume Writer Credential

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