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ST Pioneer A Career TitleAre you ready to charge success?  I can help you recognize and prepare for your Dream Job through intentional, focused reflection designed to ensure your career fits into your life and not your life into your career.  This seminar is a great way to find and ensure career satisfaction.


Charge Toward Success

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ST Pioneer A Career TitleAre you ready to charge success?  I can help you know when you’re charging your Dream Job and when you’re charging a distraction.

It’s time to be assertive. Through intentional reflection, exercises, and coaching, you will be able to chart your own course even if it means you have to blaze your own trail.

As a STUDENT or GRADUATE you will reframe your studies and focus your resume so that you can establish your support network and ace your interview.  As an ELDER you will clarify what retirement means to you, the roles and experiences you want to take on next, and look at how you can still make a difference.

For three monthly payments of $99 you will receive access to this proven online content.  Register for this class if you’re ready to Go Pursue Success as you define it.

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