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Explore Retreat - Sacred Time

Summer Soulstice Retreat

This is a time to return to your own celestial center with who you are, and what you want to be doing.  Join me outside for this day-long retreat where you can honor your purpose, practice finding your center, and explore the possibilities.

Honor Our Purpose

In the beginning of our time together you will:

  • Explore who you are through assessments
  • Recognize what you offer to this community
  • Create a mission or vision statement to guide your work

Practice Finding Center

You will create a practice that will help you return to your celestial center by:

  • Collecting affirmations that aligns with your mission
  • Creating a ritual that will reorient you
  • Generating an image that will remind you of your vision

Explore the Possibilities 

You will be opened to the awe with our time outside by:

  • Identifying all the paths that lay before you
  • Opening up to your inner guidance
  • Tapping into your inner knowing

There is a great big world of opportunity to discover, and you are called not to stay where you are.  Come, and explore what meaningful service you will provide to the community.

What are you to accomplish?

Are the trials blessings in disguise?

Come. Rise tall.  Shine bright.

ST TDM RefAre you ready to Explore?

There will be a maximum of 10 people permitted to attend.  

Why not you?

This day-long wellness retreat includes:

  • A day outside with those asking the same questions
  • Personal and group coaching
  • Assessments and tangible tools
  • An individual follow-up session

Deepen your experience of who you are and what you can do:


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