The winds of change are here.  

You can fight it or you can:

Embrace Retreat - Sacred Time

What’s Next

This weekend retreat will help you Embrace what the changing season is telling you.  This is a time of reflection; when you find your answer by going inward. By seeking your own truth you find your way forward, make your own choices in how to fulfill those desires, and realize what your purpose has been all along. This is when the greatest change can take place. Find the support you need to keep the focus on your life’s work.

Are you ready to Embrace?

There will be a maximum of 20 people permitted to attend.  

Why not you?

This weekend retreat includes:

  • A weekend retreat with communal lodging for six
  • A day-long retreat without lodging for twelve
  • A full day of exploring an area park
  • A follow-up session one-month after the retreat

Find the support you need during this time of change.

What do you embrace about yourself?

What do you embrace about the work you’re to do?

Will you Embrace What’s Next?

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