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Your Life’s Work with Different Priorities

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell from Pexels

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

“I don’t have a career anymore…no ambition…no direction.”

This is what a new client said to me after making a life-changing career move.  If these are the words you hear yourself saying, let me also share this with you:  it is still your career…it is still you, just with different priorities.

You were born with a certain image or story line, one that you’ve begun to uncover. ~ Bill Plotkin / Nature and the Human Soul

A career is defined as an occupation or profession that requires ‘special training’ or a ‘course of action through life.’  If you think of your career as your life’s work, you are never done.  This is why Baby Boomers are starting businesses rather than merely retiring to deck chairs.  When it comes to your career, your interests or passions may be the same; your expression of them may be different.

How do you want to express yourself?  Perhaps instead of a singular focus on your work life you want to balance it with a personal life. Maybe instead of the maximum amount of money possible, you are now satisfied when there’s more than enough money for the life you want to lead outside of work.  You may still work in the same industry but now it’s about the quality of your work rather than the quantity, it’s about the moments you want to pursue rather than those that pursue you, and because of this, what you do now, needs to reflect who you have become.

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

You must determine which settings and roles…will allow you to carry these gifts to your people.  ~ Bill Plotkin / Nature and the Human Soul

Career transition isn’t just moving from one job or industry to the next, it’s about moving from one role, one expression, or one season to the next.  This is your career.  This is you, with new priorities.

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