To come to nature, feel its power, let it help you, one needs time and patience for that.  Time to think, to figure it all out ~ John (Fire) Lame Deer

Tiffany A. Dedeaux, MA, ACC
Career Coach

Are you changing careers?  I will help you establish new goals and priorities for your career.  Are you taking on a new role?  I will help you prune what isn’t working to make room for new growth.  Are you adjusting your vision of the future? I will help you shed light on what you want, and support you as you lean into a new way of life.

With Sacred Time, coaching is an empowering process of awareness and action that not only helps you get clear about the kind of life you want to lead, but gives you a safe place to plan and test the changes you want to make.  Here you will be heard, held accountable, and supported so that when you step out in a new direction, it’s a conscious choice based on your values.

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Coaching with Sacred Time

Only experiences that profoundly alter our view…can empower people to commit themselves to the prodigious task before them.  ~ John E. Mack 

Career Coaching is for the times in your life when you’re planting new seeds or harvesting change.  Together we can look at how you contribute to our community as you establish your goals and priorities, redefine success, plan and execute your roadmap, and celebrate your victories.  Career Coaching with me takes into account all of who you are, so Life Coaching and time in nature (Wilderness Coaching) is always a part of the process.

Resume Writing & Coaching is for times when you need a fresh perspective on your career or you are looking to make a greater impact in your job search.  Together we will go through your resume and identify key elements of the story you want to tell, so that you can create the best first impression, set the tone during the interview, and acknowledge the experiences that have made you who you are today.

Life Coaching, like every quest, begins with a question.  What does living a fulfilling life mean to you now?  If it’s time to make changes and set new goals, I can journey with you as you shed what no longer fits, initiate change, and incorporate your new vision. 

We emerge from wilderness changed.  At some core level we feel deeply touched…The example of nature is that life is to be lived, to be experienced.  ~ Steven Harper

Wilderness Coaching honors the metaphor and experience of nature for what it offers you on this journey:  clarity, inspiration, and challenge.

Whether you’re looking to get out in nature while you plan what’s next, or you’re returning from a journey that’s inspired you to make changes to your way of life, I am here to walk with you.

Sacred Time is based on ecopsychology, which is the belief and understanding that there is an emotional bond between people and their natural environment.  It is because of this bond that we do not have to use or conquer nature to serve our purpose, but simply dance with it to find balance. To explore this for yourself, I invite you to start by signing up for my Career Coaching Newsletter.

  You can check out what my clients are saying to explore what it’s like to work with me, or you can simply begin planning where we go and how we get there with a free Get Unstuck Buzz Session.   We’ll talk for about 20 minutes so you can experience me as your coach and we can outline the way forward.  With this session you’ll know you’re ready to take the next step and that I am truly the coach for you.

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When You’re Ready

You won’t get anywhere standing still, so I suggest ‘when in doubt, check it out.’  During your 20-minute Get Unstuck Buzz Session you will get to know me, and I will get to know your vision of the future.  If we agree that coaching will get you where you want to go, you will get your choice of three monthly plans:


 Through these monthly offerings you will receive:

  • 1-3 individual coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email access
  • Unlimited text access
  • Access to eCourse or custom content as needed

With offerings for every season of your career, there is no excuse to stay stuck any longer.  If you qualify, bartering options are available.  We will discuss your plan during your Buzz Session.


Associate Certified Coach

Associate Certified Coach

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