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Great change can come from small, seemingly insignificant things.  ~ Betty Roszak

Tiffany A. Dedeaux, MA Career Coach

As a Career Coach, I understand that change begins with awareness, so I will help you bring new awareness to life through custom seminars and retreats.  My focus, just as with coaching, includes identifying and responding to changing careers, learning to embrace new roles, getting clear about and implementing your new life vision which – for some – includes dealing with the grief and loss of a job.

All good stories hinge on turning points, dramatic moments when the clouds part and the truth is revealed.  ~ Herminia Ibarra 

To help you get where you are going in your career I have designed career service programs as self-directed journeys geared toward helping you process your experience and find practical ways to apply insights to your career.  You can also hire me to present custom content as a guest speaker or group facilitator.

Pioneer a Career

Are you ready to charge success?  I can help you recognize and prepare for your Dream Job through intentional, focused reflection designed to ensure your career fits into your life, and not your life into your career.



ST Transitions Title



Are you ready to become the Swan you knew you were called to be? I can help you better navigate change as you transition into the workforce, a new career, a significant promotion, or retirement.  Together we will accomplish this through intentional reflection and action.


ST Wounded Heart Title

Wounded Heart

Are you done hiding from the world?  I can help you acknowledge, address, and move past your grief when a Dream Job breaks your heart. It takes courage to move forward.  This program is a great way to address tough situations before they come up in interviews or impact the success of your next venture.



ST Becoming an Elder Title


Becoming an Elder

Are you ready to move into a life of ‘being’ rather than just ‘doing’? As you consider who you will become, I can help you embrace your changing role in your workplace or community in a way that allows you to mentor others while you find freedom in letting go of what used to be.

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