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Welcome to Sacred Time, where we empower people to work outside the box of buildings, routines, and expectations.  Together, through this Affiliate Program, you are I are an army that knows the war to do great, meaningful work is not merely a physical battle but a mental one.  That being said, let’s not only share this message, but educate our community on how to prepare, find purpose, and evolve the work that they do.

ST TDMWant to Empower Others?

If you’re looking to empower others to work with passion and purpose, this is your chance to make a difference.  Join the Sacred Time Affiliate Program and make money by helping our community find meaningful work that will make their lives sweeter.

Become an Affiliate

Register to become a Sacred Time Warrior Affiliate and receive a custom link to this site. For every new person who clicks on your link and supports Sacred Time, you will receive 40% of what they provide through PayPal as your commission, the opportunity to test our newer programs and platforms, and you can opt-in for free coaching through our Transitions program.

How it Works

Sign up using the form below and:

  • Receive a custom website link
  • Promote Sacred Time
  • Receive 40% commission on new client referrals

You will be able to test new coaching programs and free coaching through Transitions.

You can join and even invite your friends.  Please know that I, as a Career Coach, must uphold a code of conduct so I will expect, as a Sacred Time Warrior, that you will also use ethical means to promote this mission, including no ‘spam’ or offensive language or content.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns please do contact me directly.

Are you ready to empower our working community?  

Register below to become a Sacred Time Affiliate, and let’s get to work making a difference!






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