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Career Fit: What You Need to Know

Companies look for ‘Culture Fit,’ while job seekers look for ‘Career Fit.’ Whether you’re looking for your next role or you’re coaching someone who is, it’s important to note that Career Fit is both created and discovered. How is Career Fit formed? By … Continue reading

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Secret to Sales Success

The secret to success in sales is finding “the best mentors on the planet,” says Justin Boldt. These are people who will take you under their wing, take you on appointments, and give you good questions to ask. Despite how talented they are … Continue reading

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Gender Diversity: How to be Part of the Change

Bridging the gender gap is not just about getting women into tech roles, it’s about keeping them there so that they can progress into leadership. Without opportunities for advancement or work/life balance, women will walk away from their careers. This can be seen across … Continue reading

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